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Thyroid Hair Loss Connection

Nataliia Sanzo and Kimberly Vaughn

Two experts on a mission to bring awareness to the connection between thyroid and hair loss. Join your hosts, Nataliia Sanzo, a registered dietitian, a.k.a Nashville Thyroid Expert®️, and Kimberly Vaughn, a national trichologist and certified nutrition and hair loss coach! Learn practical solutions to hair growth, thyroid healing, and balancing hormones with holistic nutrition, quality supplements, and the latest treatments. We will discuss evidence based-models leading to the root cause of your hair loss and thyroid disease. We will incorporate the importance of gut health, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle protocols. Our episodes will feature industry leaders in functional and integrative medicine, experts in health and nutrition, and actual clients who will share their stories and practices that work.

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Kimberly Vaughn * HPIHair Partners *

Nataliia Sanzo * All Purpose Nutrition *

S2 E6 Four Steps to Improve Your Scalp Health to Support Healthy Hair GrowthNovember 22, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E5 Oral Minoxidil vs Topical Minoxidil, Which Formulation is Best for Your Hair Loss?November 15, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E4 Can Alopecia Areata & Hypothyroidism Be Controlled by Proper Diet and Less Stress?November 08, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E3 - Can High Blood Sugar Cause Hair Loss in Hashimoto's?November 01, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E2 - Connection Between Hashimoto's, TPOab, and Hair LossOctober 25, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E1 - Fall Hair ShedOctober 18, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E18 - Thyroid Hair Loss Connection Season 1 In Review!August 09, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E17 - GI MAP test and Single Hair Analysis for gut health and hair lossAugust 02, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E16 - Your Hair Loss/Hashimoto's FAQ answered!July 26, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E15 - BONUS Episode: Two Hashimoto's Dietitians Answer Your FAQ's July 19, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E14 - Natural Hair Loss Treatments That Work And That Don'tJuly 12, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E13 - Four Main Causes of Hair Loss with Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto'sJuly 05, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E12 - Gut, Thyroid, and Hair Loss with Dr. MonacoJune 28, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E11 - Does Gut Flora Affect Your Hair? 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Microbiome and Improve Your Hair GrowthJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E10 - Seasonal Hair LossJune 14, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E9 - How Do Thyroid Hormones affect Hair Health and Are There Best Supplements For Hair Growth?June 07, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E8 - The Perfect Storm! Alopecia Areata, Female Pattern Hair Loss and Thyroid DysfunctionMay 31, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E7 - The Best Diet For Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto'sMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E6 - Hair Growth Cycle May 17, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E5 - A Conversation with Dr. Jack Monaco about Thyroid Hormones, Replacement Therapy, and Hair LossMay 10, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E4 - Jenn's Hair Loss Successful Treatment JourneyMay 03, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E3 - Hair Loss Continues for Post Covid & Long Haulers!April 26, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E2 - Thyroid Hair Loss Fundamental KnowledgeApril 19, 2022 Episode artwork S1 E1 - Meet the Hosts of Thyroid Hair Loss ConnectionApril 12, 2022 Episode artwork